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This site is devoted to all things trekking and hiking – but for the more casual of us who love doing it but do so infrequently. If you are a hardcore trekker or hiker, then this site is probably not for you.  Here you won’t need to wade through the overly technical stuff or comb through endless detail you don’t need. Just get quickly to the useful stuff – and have a bit of a sense of humor along the way.

Our goal is to provide you with useful, quick to find and easy to understand trekking, camping and hiking info.

Here you’ll find tips on where to go, what companies we like, gear tips and gear reviews, stories of our favorite treks, hints on what to take and how to save money  and whatever else about hiking that takes our fancy.

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As for me…

Hard for me to to believe sometimes but I am now in my late 30′s, married with a baby boy. I’m by no means a hardcore trekker but when I look back at the last 20 odd years, undoubtedly a lot of the best experiences of my life were spent trekking. And I’m sure a lot of the best experiences to come will be out there as well. Sure there can be a lot of pain and frustration, but the moments of joy, excitement, spiritualness (you know what I mean), satisfaction and closeness to nature and companions are sublime. And those moments can go on for hours.

So here it is. This site will look at pretty much any and every aspect of trekking so long as it is relevant. Please have a look around, leave a comment and contact us with any questions.
We accept guest posts from time to time and would definitely like to hear from you if you have something to contribute – contact us if you are interested.

We want you to get involved and will be building more features to get you involved so please make your presence felt and let us know you’re alive – we really appreciate your feedback.

Stay tuned, there lots more to come.


Liam and the trekkinglife.com team.