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Inspirational Trekking

Just a quick one today, I just thought it might be cool to quickly mention a few very inspirational treks that are going on right now. Sometime we all need a little pick me up and realise that maybe our problems aren’t so big after all, and also that you can do a power of good just by putting one foot in front of the other.

First from Arizona a blind man, Mike Armstrong, is trekking several hundred miles over 6 weeks. Say Mike : “”It’s been incredible and beautiful,” Armstrong said. “The different scenery and areas we’ve gone through are inspiring. Even though I can’t see, I appreciate it through my guides’ eyes. I’m always asking what things look like, what the terrain is like ahead.” He has been trekking for two years now.

Allen Mullins is passionate about helping homeless veterans, and so is trekking across the entire continental United States to raise funds and awareness for them. More people trekking across America are some Native Americans to raise funds and awareness for Diabetes.

Now I am very much a Republican (the kind who want to see the English royal family disbanded, not the American political kind), but even I like this. Prince Harry spent several days last week trekking with wounded servicemen in the Arctic. The goal is to raise over 3 million dollars for the walking wounded charity. I’ll resist commenting on that damn wedding ;)

I hope this makes you feel better about the world as it did us. If you hear of any more inspirational treks, please let us know, we might just make this a regular feature in any case.



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